EV Charging with No Off-Street Parking – Solutions Solved by our Team

New Building Regulations Requiring Access to EV Charge Points

On 22 November 2021, the UK government announced that new building regulations would be introduced in England requiring new homes and buildings, including those undergoing major renovation, to install electric vehicle charging points. These new regulations are due to take effect on 15 June 2022. (Click here for more information).

However, approximately one third of the UK lack off-street parking that can accommodate EV charging, and those dwelling in flats and apartment complexes struggle parking outside property long enough to charge a car. So, what are the options for installing EV charge points to your home?

Solutions for Home EV Charge Point Installation

A client approached our team recently requesting for a solution to provide off-street parking that would allow for EV charging. The existing street parking allocated to the property verged on a grass embankment to the front of the house, meaning that options for installing an EV charge point were limited.

Drawings of existing property showing no space for off-street parking or EV charging.

Simply running a cable along the rear garden would obstruct a footpath; and whilst there are no legal restrictions on trailing a charging cable across pathways, local authorities have the right to remove any cables they think are in unsuitable locations.

The lack of pavement directly along the roadside parking also meant that free standing pillar units could not be implemented, without building off-road parking spaces. Additionally, street lamps were not located within close proximity to the existing allocated parking space – so lamp post EV charging points were unavailable for installation.

As a solution to this charging issue, our drawing office proposed to provide overhead charging cable access that connected directly to the client’s house, as well as a private off-street parking space. Planning permission was required to install this proposed scheme, however, our team was more than happy to produce the required CAD drawings.

To aid the planning process, we were also able to create a 3D street view visualisation to show the proposed finished scheme. Take a look below at the rendered 3D parking scheme we produced:

3D street scene showing proposed parking scheme.

As a result, our client was very happy with our services and was able to submit the scheme to the local planning offices.

Do you require high quality CAD drawings to progress your ideas the planning stages? Speak to our helpful team to discuss your next project.

Alternate Solutions to EV Charge Point Installations

If you would like to consider alternate street charging solutions, there are a few options:

EV charging installation to lamp posts. Ideal for situations with space and access limitations. Contact your local authority to find out whether there are plans to install lamp post street charging in your area.

Lamp Post EV Charge Point.

Telescopic charging points that retract into the pavement. This solution is ideal for those who want to install charging access directly from their property, without causing pavement obstruction. Planning permission may be required to construct this retractable charging solution, so speak to our team for advice on implementing this option to your property.

Retractable EV charging point, disguised by pavement.

Free-standing or pillar units installed directly on pavement. In some areas, local authorities have been approving the installation of free-standing or pillar units outside of properties. Check with your local council whether this option is permitted in your area.

EV charging point installed to pavement.

EV charging cable running along footpath. While there are no legal restrictions on running a charging cable across a public footpath, authorities have the right to remove any cables that are in unsuitable locations. Ideally, charging cables should be covered with a brightly coloured cable protector if this option is the most suitable for your property.

Cable protector for running EV charging cables across footpaths.

Restrictions on permittable EV charging options may vary in your area, so always double check with your local authority. If you would like to apply for planning to introduce an EV charging solution to your property, speak to our team – we are more than happy to discuss the options with you.

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